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I am a digital marketer and fitness enthusiast with a passion for creating impactful content. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions and live a fulfilling life without any room for regrets.

With experience in video editing, web design and digital strategy, I am dedicated to helping businesses and individuals reach their full potential in the digital world.


About me.

My name is Austin Kendrick Lee, a digital marketer and fitness enthusiast. I'm 23 years old, born and raised in Long Island, New York. I identify as Taiwanese-American and can speak English and Mandarin.


I believe in hard work and self-discipline. I always strive to produce high-quality work that delivers results. Outside of work, I enjoy weightlifting, improving my digital skills, and I'm also passionate about photography and travel.


My goal is to build a successful career in digital marketing and make a positive impact in the industry. I hope to work with companies and individuals who share my values and vision. I'm always looking for new opportunities to challenge myself and grow as a marketer.

+1 (516) 784-6276

Long Island, New York

English & Mandarin

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My skills.



S&D Marketing
Freelance Social Media Manager

Produced social media ads on Canva to schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Yelp, increasing brand visibility

Edited engaging short-form videos on CapCut using trending audio with the highest-performing video gaining over 5.5k views

Responded to customer reviews on Google and Yelp, encouraging positive interactions and addressing feedback professionally


China AIDs Fund, Inc.

Led a comprehensive website revamp project, incorporating AI art and modern design elements, resulting in an improved online presence and increased site traffic while ensuring mobile compatibility for a seamless user experience using

Coordinated the “Celebrating Life” gala by managing relationships with 35+ sponsors, organizing their guest list with over 375 attendees while communicating between the venue, gala committee, 25 volunteers, performers, and DJ & photographer

Spearheaded multiple creative initiatives simultaneously including redesigning the non-profit’s logo, crafting original ad material for sponsors, directing/editing a 4-minute alumni video showcased at the gala, and designing the dinner program


Freelance Marketer
Unicorns & Robots

Demonstrated versatility by creating multiple design drafts for logo variations using Adobe Illustrator, leading to a final design

Reviewed warehouse inventory and Amazon-bound shipments in Excel, correcting drastic discrepancies for efficient tracking

Streamlined inventory management by monthly data pulled from Amazon’s inventory ledger, organizing information into Excel


Gemelli Films
Marketing Director

Created a visually stunning website using proficiently showcasing all current films and upcoming movies, consolidating all the necessary information to educate viewers on all Gemelli Film’s titles in one central user-friendly location

Engaged in extensive networking and attended seminars at the MIPCOM convention in Cannes, France, gaining insights into upcoming industry trends and connecting with potential buyers to distribute our content across the nation as well as worldwide


Participated in high-stakes business meetings with clients and distributors during the MIPTV convention in Cannes, France to successfully negotiate lucrative back-end sales deals for films, resulting in $100k+ in revenue generated for the company


Global Industrial
Web Marketing Intern

Analyzed user data using the data analytics program, Quantum Metrics, to meticulously identify low-performing areas and enhance user experience through the use of online replays as a reference, polishing and optimizing the website for future use

Collaborated with the integrated marketing team to design visually appealing, informative, and neat wireframes for desktop platforms using Figma for a promotional campaign, yielding a 30% increase in user engagement and click-through rates

Conducted website testing to detect potential user friction points and submitted detailed video evidence to IT and QA teams for reference, leading to faster fixes optimizing the customer journey for increased conversion rates and consumer satisfaction


Brooklyn Crafted
Marketing Intern

Consolidated optimal outreach efforts by organizing contact information of potential clients and local businesses using Microsoft Excel

Increased brand awareness and product knowledge among consumers by executing mass promotional emails featuring the company's latest products using the program Mailchimp

Created and edited videos showcasing the company's bottling process using Adobe Premiere Pro, promoting transparency and educating consumers on company operations 


2019 - 2022

CUNY at Baruch College
New York, New York

Bachelor of Business Administration
Major: General Marketing; Minor(s): Film & Entrepreneurship
Graduated cum laude
Cumulative GPA: 3.69/4.0


CUNY at Baruch College
New York, New York

Master of Science in Digital Marketing
Expected to begin Fall 2024

Video edits.

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Film photography.